Manitoba Pork Marketing Co-op's C.E.O. was not surprised by Maple Leaf Foods restructing announcement, but was caught off guard by the extent.

Perry Mohr notes of the 1.4 million butcher hogs the Co-op markets annually, a vast majority is sold to Maple Leaf.

He feels the reorganization bodes well for the Co-op, noting Maple Leaf subsidiary Elite Swine will be going through some cut backs which may lead to more producers joining the Co-op.

Mohr thinks it's realistic for Maple Leaf's Brandon facility, supported by a double shift, to produce all of the company's fresh pork requirements.

In last week's announcement Maple Leaf indicated ultimately that's the direction they wanted to go in.

He notes the number of sows needed to feed the plant are already on the ground.

Mohr's only concern is the economics of finishing pigs in Manitoba are not great currently.

He stresses that can change dramatically in the next years which is the timeline Maple Leaf has set out for the move to Brandon only.