The Morden Area and Winkler Community Foundations are changing the community, one good deed at a time with the kick-off of Pay it Forward May Monday. Both organizations started the month with doughnut deliveries to area businesses, with the challenge of then paying that kindness, forward. 

“Pay It Forward May is about sharing kindness with somebody, without expecting anything in return,” explained Winkler Executive Director Myra Peters. “It's looking for ways you can do something and make a difference in somebody's life. By impacting one person, we see the ripple effect, and the impacts on our whole community.” 

The Pay It Forward May campaign is about community members engaging and making the community a better place to live, work and play in. Both Foundations have actively participated in the initiative for years. 

Winkler Community Foundation members, Winkler Co-op staff, and other volunteers set to deliver donuts to local businesses to kick of Pay it Forward MayWinkler Community Foundation members, Winkler Co-op staff, and Winkler Mayor Henry Siemens set to deliver donuts to local businesses to kick of Pay it Forward May

“It's an awesome time, and we find that Pay It Forward May not only benefits the community, and the people you are paying it forward to, but you also feel good,” added Peters. “So, then it actually boosts your overall being, and it just is a Win-Win!” 

Participating is easy. 

“It's as simple as opening a door for someone and smiling, buying coffee in the drive through, we've seen various acts of service, whether it's cleaning someone's yard, the leaves or washing windows,” explained Peters. “We've heard stories of kindness where people have paid for groceries for someone. The list can go on, and it's just exciting to see the ideas individuals and businesses have come up with, and the impact they have had on people.” 

You can find a list of ideas for individuals, schools and businesses by clicking here

And most importantly, how can we share our stories of paying it forward, or being the recipient of a good deed paid forward to us? 

“Definitely sharing your stories impacts other people, it gives people ideas, it's inspiring,” shared Peters. “We're inviting the community to share stories (about) how they've been impacted. Share what they've done, share what they've seen happen. You can either e-mail the Winkler Community Foundation, or follow Pay It Forward May, or the Winkler Community Foundation or the Morden Area Foundation on Instagram to hear other inspiring stories.” 

You can share your Pay It Forward May stories on social media with the #PIFMAY. 

To further the Pay it Forward mission, next Monday, May 8th, the Winkler Community Foundation’s board of directors will be participating in a work afternoon at the Winkler Library’s new reading garden, preparing the space for the upcoming outdoor season. The Morden Area Foundation is also planning a board initiative, as well, with details to come shortly. 

- With files from Ronny Guenther, Robyn Wiebe and Pam Fedack - 

The below photo gallery is courtesy the Morden Area Foundation Facebook page.