Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl met with a coalition of Prairie farm organizations yesterday on the possibility of a plebiscite deciding the future of the C.W.B.

Keystone Agricultural Producers President David Rolfe was part of the group.

He says the Minister was offered an example of 2 clear options farmers could choose from.

 a) I wish to maintain the ability to market all wheat, with the continuing exception of feed wheat sold domestically, through the C.W.B. single desk system

b) I wish to remove the single desk marketing system from the cwb and sell all wheat through an open market system.

Also the issue of voter eligibility was dicussed with the coalition suggesting the voter list be based on the 2005-06 list of C.W.B. permit book holders.

Rolfe notes the meeting was cordial and the minister appeared open to what the coalition was saying.

On the other hand, Rolfe notes Strahl defended his position and the approach he was taking on the Board.