W.C. Miller Collegiate

Ethan is back on Collegiate 411 to share about how well his fellow classmates have performed in badminton and basketball. It's exciting for the school to take home another provincial banner, this time it was the JV girls basketball teams turn.

2024_03_23_coll411_wcm_02.jpg Jaymee Krahn
2024_03_23_coll411_wcm_02.jpg Kirsten Giesbrecht & Brady Peters


Northlands Parkway Collegiate


While the other schools highlighted their sports teams, NPC took the time to brag about the musical side of their school. Their concert band was invited to 'The Musical Festival of Canada' in Toronto, and their vocal jazz group, Vox, was able to learn Joanna Majoko at the Brandon Jazz Festival.

Also, find out which musical NPC will be performing in fall 2024.



Carman Collegiate

2024_03_23_coll411_carm_01.jpg Students vs staff basketball game where students came out on top

Abby Wiebe is back for Collegiate 411 in Carman. In their segment from this past weekend she highlighted spirit week and sports successes.

2024_03_23_coll411_carm_01.jpg Staff dance to Backstreet Boys
2024_03_23_coll411_carm_01.jpg Reach for the top game
2024_03_23_coll411_carm_01.jpg Host Abby