Carman Collegiate

Abby and Mackenzie took the reigns this weekend and chatted with a few grade 12 students, including regular host Deklan, about their final weeks in high school.

2023_05_20_coll411_carman_02.jpg Abby, Deklan and Mackenzie
2023_05_20_coll411_carman_03.jpg Student Council Presidents Maddy Saquet and Cassidy Phillips
2023_05_20_coll411_carman_04.jpg Deklan as Mr. Bumble in 'Oliver Twist'


Miami School

2023_05_20_coll411_miami_01.jpg Miami School's media team

What was the best part of the school year in Miami? Find out what staff and students had to say!

Northlands Parkway Collegiate

Cameron let us know what the remaining weeks of school will look like, event wise, at NPC!