So, did you get a Big Mac, McFlurry or McCafe Wednesday during McHappy Day? 

Proceeds from all sales at McDonalds in Winkler and Morden supported Ronald McDonald House in Winnipeg, located on Juno Street only three blocks from HSC Children's Hospital, as well as the Ronald McDonald Family Room inside the hospital. Last year the house provided a place to stay for 1,800 families from 232 Manitoba communities, many of them in Southern Manitoba. 

"It's been a wonderful day, and wonderful month, leading up to McHappy Day," shared Winkler and Morden restaurant owner Avi Sandhu. "As you can see, there's lots of hearts around here. The community has come out and fully supported us. There's no better cause than helping sick children, and we strongly believe in it."

During the on-location broadcast for Country88, Eagle 93.5 and CFAM Radio 950, Sandhu shared he expected it to be a record breaking day. The final numbers from McHappy Day show it was an amazing one, with $11,866.57 raised, and the goal for the day being $8,000.

"No family should have to worry about food, or a place to stay, right?" he said. "We try to help as many people as possible, and last year we opened up a brand new facility that has 42 beds, so all these proceeds go to sustaining that."

Morden McDonald's staff with Eagle 93.5 Morning Show Host Ronny GuentherMorden McDonald's staff with Eagle 93.5 Morning Show Host Ronny Guenther

Many of the people who came through both restaurants had stories to share of personally using the House or Family Room, or had close family who needed them. One of those was Winkler Mayor Henry Siemens.

"I have friends whose kids have needed it, and it's been a difference maker in their lives to be able to have that opportunity." he shared. "I wanted to show support for that, I wanted to show support and say 'Thank You" to the community who have been out in droves, today. We see hearts all over this building, and each heart represents a donation, and you can't look anywhere and not see hearts."

The Mayor noted it's important to remember the vast majority of families who access the services of Ronald McDonald House are from rural Manitoba.

"If we, in rural Manitoba, need to go and have those medical services in Winnipeg, very often it's difficult to get back home," he said. "You don't want to be separated from your child, you want to be close. To be able to have that type of service in Winnipeg, supported as heavily as it is by McDonald's, I think is a real blessing."

Winkler firefighter Joel, who volunteered in the drive-thru Wednesday afternoon, also knows about the importance of Ronald McDonald House.

"My cousin, she stayed at one of the Ronald McDonald Houses when one of her sons was born in the NICU," he told us. "Just from the little bit I've heard from her, it's definitely helped them out, and they are really blessed by what they did and for being able to stay there. That's really cool to hear, and I'm sure there's lots more stories like that."

- With files from Robyn Wiebe, Ronny Guenther and Nicole Klassen - 

Morden Mayor Nancy Penner with one of the donation hearts which filled the walls at both restaurantsMorden Mayor Nancy Penner with one of the donation hearts which filled the walls at both restaurants