57 baseball games were played on Altona's Access Field this summer.

"This does not include practices," stated Eric Hildebrand, Recreation Manager for the Town of Altona. 

The Junior Bisons are the main tenant of the field, but Hildebrand says games were also played with the Senior Bisons, Altona Minor Baseball's U18, W.C. Miller Aces boys' baseball, and South Central U18 teams.
"The Access Field facility is a jewel in southern Manitoba, no doubt," added Hildebrand. "So, credit to those with the foresight many years ago that decided that working with the Town to commit this, the land for the development of a beautiful baseball facility, would be a great addition to the community. 

"I think it's fantastic to see and, again, credit to the team that is kind of behind-the-scenes doing some of the maintenance."

This year saw more trees planted along the first and third base lines at Access Field, and a new field house and washroom facility got up and running. 

"Improvements continue to get made and with that, you're seeing increased usage, and that is what the goal of the facility was from day one when it was just a dream," added Hildebrand. 

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