The competitive hip-hop dance troupe from Morden's Dance Works Studio recently took part in the Canadian National Dance Competition in Winnipeg for the regional championship.
Tristan Klassen is the hip-hop instructor, and also performed competitively himself.

"Overall, all the classes had done extremely well," said Klassen. "And for myself, I had also challenged myself this year to put in a piece and ended up getting the highest score of the night, for that specific night. It wasn't expected. I kind of expected to just get a score and share my piece and see if I still had it over the many years, I've taken it there. But it was really cool to kind of be recognized in that way."

Klassen said the troupe had some wonderful results as well, getting second in the overall small group division, which was a huge accomplishment for them all. He says the group has received incredible results over the years, and it's exciting to see where they will go.

Danceworks Dance TroupeDanceworks Dance Troupe

Milo Klassen is part of the troupe.

"For the last three years, the Dynamics Performance Troupe, which started up in 2019, has been going to a couple of competitions. We've gone to Canadian National dance championships for three years now, and this year we also went to the Can Dance Competition. It's been an important growing experience. You get to see a lot of really talented peers up on the stage and understand kind of where you stand among that. And I think we've done well. We've improved every year with our pieces. This last year has been the most successful year for us yet."

Klassen said taking part in the competitions helps you to push to improve your skills and grow closer as a team.


~ With files from Robyn Wiebe ~