The legal troubles for fashion mogul Peter Nygard have generated a lot of discussion with residents in a southern Manitoba community that has ties to the Nygard Family.

Dozens of women have come forward to accuse the millionaire fashion executive of rape and sexual abuse.

Nygard Park in Deloraine.A park in Deloraine is named after Peter Nygard because of his family’s connection with the community. In 1952 Peter Nygard moved to Deloraine from Finland with his father and his mother. The Nygard Family later moved to Winnipeg where Peter went on to purchase Nygard International.

A dedication ceremony took place in 2002 where Peter Nygard spoke of his many fond memories of Deloraine and the people who helped his family.

Deloraine-Winchester Reeve Gord Weidenhamer says it’s a difficult situation but it’s one that has a lot of people talking. “Now with the controversy going on there are lots of questions about whether or not to still be connected to Nygard. A number of people are going with the innocent until proven guilty thing but at the same time there has been some communication on where council stands on the issue.”

A number of councillors have been contacted by people sharing their opinions on the Nygard Park issue.

“Individual councillors have been getting calls and we’ve even received a few letters. At our next meeting, we will talk about all this. Some think innocent until proven guilty but at the same time I don’t think with 100 people they can all be wrong, let’s put it that way.”

Deloraine Winchester councillors will discuss the issue at their regular meeting on Wednesday.