Dominion City’s Summerfest brought the community together once again with a weekend full of fun and activities. Starting with a pancake breakfast hosted by the volunteer fire department, the event showcased the town’s strong community spirit and commitment to fundraising for local facilities.

Fire Chief Greg Gushulak highlighted the significance of the pancake breakfast, stating, "We start Summer Fest activities here with the pancake breakfast at the fire hall. The guys [firefighters] get all excited to get it all queued up and everything but like to show off... the guys are good cooks so we have a fun day to start."

The festival also featured live bands, with an '80s band performing in the afternoon and a rock'n'roll band in the evening. 

Ginger Knox and her family travel to the event every year from Winnipeg. "I look forward to this every year... I get excited every year. Now I bring my kids to participate in it and have pancake breakfast, play some games later, go swimming... I love that they get to experience the community that I grew up in and give them a little piece of what I had."

The weekend’s activities, which included a golf tournament, baseball tournament, and various games, were crucial for fundraising efforts.

"We have people who have been on this committee helping with the event since it started. A lot of people, including myself, were just having kids at the time, and now they're pitching in... it really brings everybody together," said Tracy French, a Summerfest committee member. "It is the major fundraising festival for the facility. It's very important to the community."

With a successful turnout and a strong sense of community, Dominion City’s Summerfest continues to be a special tradition, supporting connections among residents and local initiatives.

Photos submitted by Tracy French:

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