A shortage of funds has stalled the construction of The Bunker's Industrial Eats project.

Initial funding covered only the cost of the first two phases. 

Another $250,000 is needed to start Phase Three.

"It should be enough," said Alycia Hildebrand, Ministry director of The Bunker. "Obviously, stuff happens, and costs go up unexpectedly. In this economy, we never know what's going to happen. But, as of right now, we are confident that 250 number is still accurate."

A total of $280,000 is needed to finish the build.

The funding shortage brought construction to a standstill in December 2023. But recently, donations have been picking up considerably.

"As of right now, thanks to a lot of businesses, individuals, and churches, we have had quite a substantial number of donations come in," noted Hildebrand. "We have finally reached the point where we have less than $100,000 to fundraise. We're getting close."

The Bunker's bank account got another recent boost with a $6400 grant from United Way Pembina Valley.

"We were so thankful to be a part of the Pembina Valley United Way, said Hildebrand. "We were one of the grant recipients and that was just such an honor for us to be recognized in the community for what we're doing with that. We've had a few anonymous donations. We had a substantial one come through last week."

With 60 percent of funds required to complete the project now raised, Hildebrand says it feels like they're finally in the home stretch.

"We're so excited and we're just chomping at the bit to get going on this. The next step with this money is going to be getting the dining room up and running. The dining room needs quite a bit of work. We need all the tables and chairs and everything that goes along with a dining room so people can have a fabulous experience."

Hildebrand will be moving into the General Manager role of the Industrial Eats restaurant.

~With files from Pam Fedack~