It's been discussed for many years - the revamp of Winkler's Southland Mall.
Last November it was announced Winners would be coming to the mall, creating a lot of excitement. 
MSTW General Manager Glen Wieler says plans for the revitalization are in their hands. "We'll start to see that activity very shortly, which is exciting," said Wieler about the long-anticipated project.

"There will be some big changes and big names like Winners coming...And I think once that's done we'll see more activity coming in. And the mall will hopefully fill up again and be another hub the way it used to be when it opened many years ago."

Initially built in the mid-1980s for around $4 million, Wieler noted the upcoming revamp is pegged to be roughly double the cost of the mall's original construction. "That's just how it is these days," said Wieler. "And we've seen that in other sectors as well, just how different building costs are compared to what it was even a short 30 years ago."

The Property Brokers are the leasing agents for the mall's ownership group.