For the second time this week, at least for parts of the Red River Valley and Southeastern Manitoba, a quick shot of snow appears likely. After some areas saw a few centimeters Tuesday night, which mostly melted by the end of Wednesday, a more widespread snowfall potential is kicking off Easter weekend on Good Friday.

"It wouldn't be Easter without some sort of snow, it seems," said CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner with a smile. "A low pressure system moving through the Dakotas will push snowfall into Southern Manitoba from west to east tomorrow, with flurries expected to start by late morning in the southwest, and then at some point in the afternoon for the Red River Valley and Southeastern regions. 5 to 10cms is the general expectation, at this point, with the highest totals currently forecast for Western Manitoba. As you move eastward, the signals from the forecast models show decreasing totals, meaning the ten centimeters is most likely in the southwest."

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The wind will pick up out of the southeast by Friday afternoon, with gusts up to 40 km/h possible, meaning ground drifting and some blowing snow will be possible.

"I'm not expecting significant travel impacts from this system, but by Friday evening there may be enough snow around, and continuing to fall, that we could be faced with some reduced visibility as we go to, and come home from, family gatherings," he said.

The system will quickly exit the region, and the snow that does fall won't last long with temperatures pushing above freezing for the remainder of the weekend. Saturday will be a cloudy day with highs around +3. Easter Sunday will also be cloudy, with highs a little cooler, around +1.

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"As we look into the first week of April, a warming trend continues to show up in the forecast models, with temperatures expected to rebound back to seasonal by Easter Monday, and even warmer daytime highs likely as the week progresses," Sumner added.

Averages for the end of March are 5 degrees for highs and -6 for overnight lows.