Monday, January 16th was payday for Eden Foundation, and a show of support for mental health in the region.

In December 2022, PembinaValleyOnline partnered with Valley Fiber to host the Season of Giving fundraiser in support of the Winkler-based organization.

"We know that December is such a time of expenses, there's a lot to spend money on," explains Jayme Giesbrecht, Director of Development with Eden Foundation. "So we were really hoping that people would find it in their hearts to recognize the importance of mental health resources in the area just like Valley Fiber did."

And the community came through.

Giesbrecht says there were very few donations that were under three digits. Most were above $100, with some $1,000 donations, plus one for $5,000 contribution at the start of the campaign.

"The fundraising total when we closed the books was $17,435. Of course with Valley Fiber's matching $5,000 donation ramps it up to $22,435. We're so grateful! $22,000 can go so far in the mental health industry, and especially with the resources and plans we have at Eden for the coming year, it's really going to move. Thank you so much to all the people in the Pembina Valley that recognized the importance and stepped forward to help."

Conley Kehler, Executive Director of Business Development at Valley Fiber says they're excited about the total, but even more excited about their young company being able to support the fundraising arm of Eden Health Care Services. 

"The reach that Eden has throughout the region, home for many of our employees, and hear from our staff about the importance of, number one, giving to the community, but number two, giving to the community, and Eden in particular, because we watched the pandemic, and saw even with our own staff some of the heartache, some of the pressure the pandemic held to people. So yeah, in order for us to bring, some funds to Eden, we're very proud of that."

During the month of December, Valley Fiber matched the first $5,000 donated to the Season of Giving. Those online financial gifts were coupled with a mini radiothon December 20th on Golden West radio stations The Eagle 93.5 and Country88.