Council for the Municipality of Rhineland is looking to expand the special services by-law for Gretna.

Recommended by the L.U.D committee, the proposal would include more services like highway construction and maintenance as well as snow removal, on top of street lighting and fire protection that is currently offered.

According to Reeve Don Wiebe, Gretna's special services by-law as it stands right now is actually quite small compared to those of most towns.

In addition, the proposed revision would also make currently exempt properties, like schools and churches, subject to the levy.

"These institutions are also using these services, and so it is a way of leveling the playing field and everyone pays their fair share," added Wiebe.

Since the cost of these services would be paid for out of a larger pool, the reeve says total municipal taxes are expected to decrease for most properties that aren't exempt from current the special levy.

According to the proposal, the new levy would be calculated based on the portioned value of assessable property, with Council determining the mill rate each year according to each item's budget line in the community's annual financial plan. The municipality estimates the total cost of these services to run about $89,5000 in 2020, and $91,300 in 2021.

Based on early 2020 assessments, a residential property valued at $150,000 will be charged $310.30 in 2020, and $316.56 in 2021.

A public hearing into the proposal is scheduled for 10 a.m., Wednesday, December 4 at the Municipality of Rhineland office in Altona.