Winkler Police are reminding residents to remain vigilant against scammers.

On November 27, a male reported that several weeks earlier he provided his banking information to an individual he met on social media. The individual then deposited funds into the male’s bank account, which his bank held as the funds seemed suspicious. The bank later advised the male that the funds were not legitimate.

Thankfully, the male was not out any money as a result of this incident and he changed all his banking information, though police advised the male to not give out his banking information in the future.

The following day, a female reported that the previous night she received a phone call from an individual claiming to be calling from a local police service and a CRA agent who advised that there was fraudulent activity on her Social Insurance Number. The callers advised the female to purchase Google Play cards to resolve the issue. The female proceeded to purchase the cards and send the numbers from the cards, along with a picture of her driver’s licence, to the callers.

The female was advised this was a scam, and to contact her bank along with a credit bureau to monitor her accounts.