RCMP say they expect to have new crime reduction and enforcement teams in place in eastern and western Manitoba within the next few months. The province announced last week it was investing almost $2 million per year into the initiative. Corporal Julie Courchene says the five-person teams will likely be based in Selkirk and Dauphin and will move around to support various detachments as investigations warrant.

"These are going to be mobile units. They are there to reduce crime and, basically, to focus on prolific offenders, any crime trends or hot spots that are happening in certain communities. They'll be mobile so they can move around and really give support to our front line members."

Courchene gives an example.

"If there's a lot of drugs in a certain community, they'll start to work on that to gain intelligence leading to search warrants and arrests. That's the idea and it's been really successful for us in the north."