On Wednesday, the Winkler Arts & Culture Faces of Winkler Exhibit showcase took place. The spotlight shines on the local legends who've been instrumental in making Winkler the city it is today. This exhibit honours those who have shaped Winkler's identity, transforming it into the thriving community we call home.

"It was great to take pictures to recognize these strong figures in our community, and then spend some time with them and figuring out what kind of setting what kind of image would suit who they are. I think it's a wonderful gift to the community for this event," said photographer Kevin Driedger.

Walking through the gallery feels alive with the spirit of eight extraordinary individuals, each shown through art and photography. The artists and photographers, fueled by passion, have captured the essence of these remarkable people, reminding us of the power of art to tell stories beyond words.

"I feel very privileged. It's weird to think that a year ago, I was sitting alone in my room doodling, and now my work is in an art gallery. It's cool that artists and small communities can connect with the literal faces of Winkler and create an event that so many people are excited to come to," said fifteen-year-old artist Taylor Hildebrand.

The showcase of the exhibit was a night to remember, artists, photographers, and the honoured figures formed new connections and rekindled old ones. The event is not just about those eight faces gazing back from the frames; it's about the community they've inspired and the impact they've made. 

"It's a wonderful idea to recognize people that do special things within the community. Even tonight, the evening of the reception for the show, it brings people together. They're enjoying the artwork, they're enjoying each other's company, and anything that helps build a sense of community is great, and it's nice that art can play a role in it," said artist Scott Bell.

In a world buzzing with speed and change, the Winkler Arts & Culture Faces of Winkler Exhibit reminds us to pause, reflect, and cherish the legacy we've made. It stands as a living testament to the idea that each brushstroke, every photograph, and the celebration of every life can collectively mould a community into a vibrant source of inspiration.