Garden Valley Collegiate

The Zodiacs gave it their all for Spirit Week, hear about some of the favourite costumes found in the hallways last week.

2023_11_04_gvc_02.jpg One student dressed up as Beaker from The Muppets
2023_11_04_gvc_01.jpg Hosts Dishika Bansal and Selina Animalla Abraham

Carman Collegiate

2023_11_04_carman_01.jpg Hosts Mackenzie Dyck and Abby Wiebe

Next week you can help the Carman Cougars hockey team with their fundraising efforts, It was also Spirit Week in Carman, you can see some costumes below!

2023_11_04_carman_05.jpg Hockey players Owen Rey, Ethan Wilde and Brayden Cox





Northlands Parkway Collegiate

There's always something to do at NPC! Hear what's been going on with the Nighthawks below.