Delegations had 2 days to present the pros and cons of allowing the Pembina Valley Water Co-op to pump groundwater from Sandilands to Morris.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Pembina Valley Water Co-op, Sam Schellenberg, says it really isn't that big a project.


Manitoba Clean Environment Commission has spent a couple of days hearing about the matter.


Schellenberg says it's only 50 litres a second, which is the same as what comes out of fire hydrants at one time.


He adds, if there are problems developing with the aquifer, he will turn off the pumps.


Patrick Watson manages the Seine Rat River Conservation District.


He says if approved, there should be conditions placed on the project including a license that lasts only 10 years.


Also Thursday afternoon, Piney Reeve Marvin Hovorka spoke against the project unless the province completes a comprehensive study of the area.