A stretch of Highway 75 south of Ste. Agathe is down to single lane as the rebuild project enters its ninth month.

In spring of last year, crews began the task of rebuilding the southbound lanes of Highway 75 from Ste. Agathe to Morris. The work involved 27.7 kilometres of surface reconstruction, as well as shoulder, drainage and intersection improvements. The surface was reconstructed using concrete pavement. 

As a result of the work, the southbound lanes were closed and instead there was two-way traffic in the northbound lanes. This lasted until mid-November when the southbound lanes were reopened.

Then, a few weeks ago, pylons were put up along a stretch of southbound Highway 75 just south of Ste. Agathe. According to a provincial spokesperson, Nelson River Construction continues to haul and deposit soil along Highway 75 in order to complete this work. 

The province says that Nelson River Construction has an agreement with a private landowner to use their land for needed material. The plot of land is located off Provincial Road 305, east of Ste. Agathe, in the vicinity of the Rat River. This is not the same location where Nelson River Construction was trying to access needed material from in 2023, as that specific location was denied by the Rural Municipality of Ritchot.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure has confirmed with Nelson River Construction that the hauling will continue until spring of this year, weather permitting. Nelson River Construction anticipates all slope fill will be completed by spring. 

According to a provincial spokesperson, majority of the Highway 75 rebuilt was completed in the 2023 construction season. The southbound lanes that were fully re-opened to traffic in mid-November are in safe condition for winter. There is also a six kilometre stretch north of Morris that is scheduled to be completed this year, which will reduce traffic to two lanes while the project is being completed.