Ronny Guenther from The Eagle 93.5 visited the grade one and two students of Roland Elementary last year and was excited to see some familiar faces as the grade ones had grown into grade twos! Sara Wall from Friesens in Altona was also in the classroom anxious to share her love of reading with the students. 

Sara from Friesens read our I Love to Read Month book Fishing with Grandma by Maren Vsetula and Susan Avingaq and illustrated by Charlene Chua and published by Inhabit Media. Ronny Guenther read The Unforgettable Party by Noemi Vola and I Don't Want to Read this Book by Max Greenfield.

Classroom posing with Ronny Guenther

Each one of the grade two students received a copy of Fishing with Grandma to take home and keep forever and ever!

Check out the video above and pictures below!

Inhabit Media is an Inuit-owned publishing company that aims to promote and preserve the stories, knowledge, and talent of northern Canada.

Classroom posing with Ronny Guenther