Welcome to Made in Manitoba, the first of the month, and an episode filled with firsts, in fact. Winnipeg piano player and composer Danny Carroll is appearing on our program for the first time, while we are featuring music from his first album "Keys for Transformation".

Danny loves improvising when playing, and his favourite way to create is to sit at a piano and just play, with sounds, ideas and the feelings of notes moving from one to another. That approach is at the heart of "Keys for Transformation", which is made up of twelve songs, all instrumentals. The album is a unique mix of original compositions with Grand piano, Felt piano, strings, some vocalizations, crystal singing bowls and electronic soundscapes.

Danny joined us in studio for the conversation, which started with going back in time to when he was about six years old, and being given the choice of learning how to play piano or accordion. I guess we know how that turned out!

He also will be on stage next week: Thursday, November 9th - Winkler's P.W. Enns Centennial Concert hall featuring violinist Florian Lassnig, Viola player Sarah-Lynn Bergen and Cellist Sam Nadurak. Tickets are available here.

It's Danny Carroll's debut on Made in Manitoba, with music from "Keys for Transformation", his debut album. We get things started after this.

album cover for Keys for TransformationThe album cover was designed and created by Danny's wife, and was inspired by a plate she found