Thank you! 

That’s all we can say after our final Food for All in support of the Winkler Food Cupboard. We were on location at the Winkler Co-op food store throughout Thursday, and because of your generosity, more than $6,600 was raised for the group which has never seen a higher need from the community. 

"I think every year, with different fundraisers and different events that come up, this community just blows us away with the generosity," shared Winkler Food Cupboard board member Christina Wall at the conclusion of Food for All. "We don't take it for granted, but it is nice to live in a community where you can expect people will come through."

The Food Cupboard is now serving up to 160 families per week, which is essentially double what it was just over a year ago. 

"It was interesting to see people coming in to shop, and if there was a line up or people at the booth, people were waiting to come and have their chance to donate, which was just amazing to see," she said. "It's always fun for us, whether it's sharing stats or stories, just to get the information out there, so people in the community know what's happening at the Food Cupboard."

During our on location broadcast on CFAM Radio 950, Country88 and Eagle 93.5 those stats are stories were shared over and over again, in hopes of helping the community better understand the need some families are facing.

"One thing we've noticed, and I think everybody feels prices are going up everywhere and money is tight everywhere, one of the comments we have heard this last year is people who have said they need to access the Food Cupboard, and they never thought they would be in a position where they would need to do this," Wall explained. "Our goal is to make it as good of an experience as possible, and we're thankful if people need the help, they reach out."

The Winkler Food Cupboard operates out of Central Station Community Centre at 555 Main Street, and is open Wednesday's from 9am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm.

"Co-op exists because of the support we receive from our local community, and events like these food drives really show off the giving spirit that has become a trademark of our region around here," noted Brendan Froese, Co-op Marketing Coordinator. "We have a lot of power to make impactful changes in the lives of our neighbours when we come together and show our support like this."

Across all four Food for All Events for Carman Food Pantry, Rhineland and Area Foodbank, Morden's Many Hands and Winkler Food Cupboard nearly $19,000 was raised because of you.

You can listen to CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show host Chris Sumner's conversation with Christina Wall, below.

- Files from Robyn Wiebe, Ronny Guenther, Abby Wall and Nicole Klassen -