A drive down 10th avenue in Altona is a little more special this week, after more plants were added to the memory garden. The soil was somewhat saturated, but spirits were lifted by planting shrubs and flowers Monday evening.

Helen Pappel was joined by other family members as they planted a shrub for her husband Randall. Pappel says the garden offers a connection.

Laura Friesen, volunteer coordinator for Altona Palliative Care shares why planting can benefit friends and family. 

Friesen adds the memory service at the garden is important to hold annually, as they look forward to seeing new life.

She says there about 13 active volunteers with palliative care in Altona, and they offer a variety of services for families. Friesen says they spend nights with people so family members can rest, and they show support by visiting people in their homes. She notes it's a very necessary program, and it changes peoples lives.




The Pappel family at the memory service in Altona.




Ron Pappel planting shrub on behalf of his family.




Memory Service on 10th Avenue in Altona - Monday evening. 




~ Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 ~