The City of Morden has declared the Moderate Drought Stage for residents as part of their Drought Plan, created in 2021 in response to the lake levels in Lake Minnewasta dropping over 13 feet that year. 

Deputy City Manager- Operations Santokh Randawa explains why this measure is being taken. 

"The current lake level is about 4 feet, 11 inches below the full supply level, and as per the Drought Plan, if we go below 3 feet, it initiates a Moderate Drought Stage for the city. So, we encourage the residents to start looking for ways to conserve water." 

He suggested some of the things people can do to keep a strain off the system. 

"All the things are voluntary at this stage. Not using water for any outdoor activity, such as outdoor ice rinks or anything, and taking smaller showers, using the washing machine only for full loads, anything that we can do to save water." 

Randawa explained what factors went into making this decision.  

"One is, as per our Drought Plan. Second is, all the forecasts so far that we are getting, are projecting there will be below average snowfall this year. So, that is the reason for initiating the Moderate Drought Stage."  

He is hopeful this will not last long.  

"If we get enough snowfall in the coming months, then that's fine. We will lift this condition, otherwise we need to work conserving the water." 

Table from Moderate Drought PlanFrom the City of Morden website.

Residents are encouraged to review the Morden Drought Plan to understand the specific steps they can take to conserve water.  

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