For the 19th year the Legends Car Club charity airport drag races will be tearing up the tarmac at Altona airport. Happening August 19th and 20th, it's two full days of racing, and most importantly, raising funds for organizations throughout the region. Fifty per cent of the revenues generated go to three designated groups; Genesis House in Winkler, South Central Cancer Resource based in Morden and STARS Air Ambulance.

Spokesperson and organizer Alex Loewen says of the sixty cars competing each day, most will be locals from Manitoba.

"We're talking everything from street legal vehicles up to custom built two to 3,000 horsepower drag cars," he shared. "I can guarantee there will be at least one, or two, of those there this year that have already registered."

We asked Loewen to paint a picture of what it's like to experience the races.

"It's an 1/8 mile track using the Altona airport," he explained. "We have the start line where the spectators sit, and then an eighth mile further down is where the finish line is. In terms of preparing the track, what we do is we spray down a special traction compound."

And that traction compound is crucial to the racing, as Loewen knows from personal experience.

"If you floor of 500 horsepower vehicle with rear wheel drive, the rear end of your car is not where it was when you first put your foot into the pedal," he said with a chuckle. "What the traction compound does is it keeps the cars on the track."

cars on airport tarmac racing

As for the racing format, Saturday from about 10am, when the racing starts, until about 4:00 to 4:30pm when it ends, racers going head-to-head. The current plan is Saturday's results will provide a good idea of which cars and racers should be in what class, and that will set-up Sunday's races.

In addition to the three main charities splitting half of the revenues generated, a number of other non-profit groups are also participating in the weekend and being supported. 1613 Ministries is managing parking this year. MHSAA Female Athlete of the Year, Mia Sawatzky, is operating the cold shack, where limited edition event t-shirts can be bought. Loewen noted she is raising money for her upcoming ski season, and she wanted to know if there was a way she could help out at the event, and that's how she came to operate the cold shack. And finally, Altona Rhineland Emergency Services, which provides medical and fire services if needed, will also receive a donation for its involvement.

"Both days gates open at 9am, that's when you can show up and park," noted Loewen "Racing won't start until 10am, after we've taken the time to prep the track. Then the racing will start at 10am. Pricing has never changed after 19 years. Luckily, we've been able to keep that the same."

Ticket prices are 13 years of age and older $10 per day, 6 to 12 is $5 and 5 and under are free. Tickets are available at the gate, and you can get more information about the Legends Car Club Charity Airport Drags by clicking here.

cars on airport tarmac racing

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