Friday morning meant it was time for another Ripple Effect, brought to you by the the Red River Basin Commission.

CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner was joined by Dan Cox, Project Coordinator with the Manitoba Association of Watersheds.

The focus this morning was on Living Lab Manitoba which is about farmer-focused innovation through collaborative partnerships and real world testing.

Dan took us through the specifics of Living Lab Manitoba, and the fact it encompasses a number of projects.

"It gives farmers the ability to be part of the process versus plot research or a researcher showing up two or three years later and saying 'Here are your results,'" explained Cox when asked about the benefit of having these projects based on operational farms, with farmers working directly with the researchers and project leads. "They are part of the process right from the start, right from the design phase of the project, with the researchers, with what's going to happen."

You can learn more about the projects underway in the conversation, below.