YFC Morden Ministries Director Reilly Smith and YFC Junior Programs Coordinator Ev Thiessen visited the Morning Show this week to whet our appetites for their upcoming fish fry event. Happening on Friday, April 26th at the Christian Life Centre in Morden, they will be serving fish from 4:45-7 pm.

Smith walked us through how the event will run, stating, "You get to help yourself to fish and all the other nice things that go with that like beans and coleslaw. Come in and grab a seat and it's just come and go as you want."

The whole community is invited to swing by and grab a bite while supporting the Morden YFC program. Thiessen commented on what community support means to the kids they see at YFC.

"I just like to see people show up and support. I think this last year, we had some student volunteers come to drop in whenever and one of them commented, 'I'm so glad people come to this because otherwise, I might have to pay to go to youth'. It was just so special to hear that feedback from her. She just appreciated the support of the community. And so that's what we love."

YFC Morden runs a variety of programs throughout the week for kids of various ages. Smith was excited to talk about all the young people they see weekly. 

"It's really exciting because we're crossing over the threshold where we have over 100 unique kids interacting with our programs every week and we're figuring out how do we get enough volunteers, how do we have enough staff so that we can make sure these kids are each having real connections. We don't want it to just be that they come up and show up to a program. We want to actually have our volunteers or our staff sitting down and mentoring these teens and building real relationships with them."

Community support is what keeps YFC Morden up and running for teens in Morden and the surrounding area. Smith listed where the proceeds will go.

"This goes to support our general programming. So this is how we ensure that we can keep the doors open, have food on drop-in nights, or make sure that we can take them to events. And pay for the plumbing and the hydro all that."

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