With Minnewasta Golf and Country Club season opening this week, many will stroll by the new clubhouse still under construction. 

CPGA Head Professional and General Manager Greg Hesom gave an update. 

"We've obviously been working hard at the clubhouse. We've had an absolutely fantastic winter weatherwise to be able to continue work and not get further behind. So, I'm very pleased with the project and what progress we've made through winter here to get us to where we are today. It's looking amazing." 

Minnewasta Golf & Country Club reno

Hesom said there's still lots of work left to do.  

"At the moment we've got, obviously, a long way to go still. I mean, when you see the intricacies behind all the walls and everything that's happening in there, most of the electrical has been roughed in and plumbing is roughed in. Busy with all the ducting and venting right now, lots of interior walls are up and boarded. On the exterior, it's got some siding on it, and it's all sealed up, roof is done so it's looking good. I guess to everybody from the outside is going to appear to slow down now because there's just so much stuff to do on the inside still. I'm very pleased with where we're at."  

He answered the question, "When will it open?"  

"Our original hope was June 1st, but we did run into some unexpected surprises right off the hop with the foundations and I mean who can plan for that? You dig down, you find stuff you didn't expect to find, and you have to adapt, change plans. And so, that put us behind by a couple of months right off the hop. The good news is that we have not gotten further behind. So, we're looking somewhere in September, October, which for me at this stage is just fine. If it wasn't gonna be June 1st and ready for tournament season, we don't wanna tackle moving in there, starting in the middle of a busy golf season." 

View of the Minnewasta Golf & Country Club from inside

Hesom is excited for the day when people walk through the front doors of the new clubhouse. 

"One of the things that I've said to a few of our board members, the vision of being able to walk through the front doors and have the course open up in front of you the further you walk in, when you have that vision and then it gets exceeded by reality, that's a special feeling. So, I think for the general public as they walk in, that's exciting on its own. It's just a beautiful view."  

"The banquet room is going to be fantastic for tournaments, TVs connected to computers in the clubhouse will help with tournaments and business meetings, along with the restaurant, will be a strong thing for the community," according to Hesom. Two golf simulators are taking shape as well, making offseason practice and school programs a reality as well. Hesom added, "There's lots to be excited about." 

Golf simulators under constructionGolf simulators under construction