Since 2002, the St. Leon Interpretive Centre has been promoting wind power, and living green.

It's the first educational centre of it's kind in Western Canada, and is popular with tourists.

Thanks in part to a $50,000 US grant from the Monsanto Fund, the facility will see upgrades this summer.

Interpretive Centre Committee President Adrien Caillier says that will cover about a third of the total cost of the project.

Caillier notes the funds will be used to upgrade the wind power gallery, and the living green gallery.

The displays they have now are static, and the new ones will be much more interactive.

Caillier says the centre is quite busy hosting bus tours for senior citizens, and is part of social studies programs for grade 3 and grade 5 students.

They have been closed for renovations, and will re-open at the end of May with what they have.

Caillier says the new exhibits will be worked on throughout the summer, with the goal of a finished centre by the middle of September.

~ Thursday, April 29th 2010 ~