The Morden Area Foundation has selected this year's Citizen of Distinction. For the first time ever, this honour will be shared by two people, Fred and Myrna Mayor for their 5 decades of volunteerism to Morden in many, many ways. 

Long time friend, Sharon Deveson said this couple was one of the first to welcome her and her husband to Morden in 1977.  

She explained why she and another long-time friend Rick Britton nominated the couple. 

"Fred and Myrna have just been the type of people that you just want to know. They are just so kind and funny. We have had some fun times with them, a good sense of humor. In that time, I've known how Fred and Myrna have just been so involved in the community through the service clubs. Then I find out Fred drove many trips for South Central Cancer Resource to Winnipeg. They're wonderful people. They've touched a lot of people through their involvement in the community."  

Britton chimed in with his thoughts. 

"I feel that Myrna and Fred are very deserving of this award, as I feel they are pillars of this community. They have somehow or another gravitated towards people, and they just keep meeting people and meeting people. And when you talk to them, they just know all these people. I think it's just fabulous that they have become distinct citizens of Morden."  

Co-nominators Sharon Deveson and Rick BrittonCo-nominators Sharon Deveson and Rick Britton

Deveson shared some of the many ways the Mayors have been involved in Morden over the years and to this day.  

"Fred and Myrna have been very involved with the Elks (Fred) being the male portion of that club, and Myrna was active with the Royal Purple until it folded, and the Legion, both of them are involved in the Legion, the Tabor home, of course, Fred sat on the board there and was very active and getting the new Tabor Home going, and they are very active as well with the Morden Activity Center, Myrna volunteers there and so does Fred."  

Myrna was on the Agassiz now, Menzies Medical Centre Community Board and presently is on the Morden Thrift Shop board. Fred is a Corn and Apple Festival Past Chair and currently is a member of  the Morden Activity Centre board. Myrna had served on Minnewasta Golf Executive and Fred had served in fundraising, as well both have served in various roles at St Paul's United Pembina Parish. Until recently Fred drove for South Central Cancer Resource. Myrna often accompanied him.

Britton had many stories to tell of the personal impact the couple had on his own life. 

"On a personal note, I got to know Fred and Myrna, when my wife had some health issues and through the church and community volunteering, they were always at my door with food, helping me out. We had two kids at home at that time and they were always either giving me a phone call or encouraging me and saying, 'It'll get better and that.'" 

The celebration will be held on May 26 at St. Paul’s United Church Pembina Parish 2pm-4pm.