Morden's Finley Wheeler is down to the final eighty-four applicants vying for one of thirty-two Loran Scholarships.

"It's a big scholarship valued at about $100,000. It's pretty big and there's lots of application for it,'' said Wheeler who has a 95% average in his grade twelve year. "They had over 4,400 applicants. I submitted an online application and got accepted for the provincial interviews. I've made it past that round and I am down to the top eighty-four."

Wheeler will be flying out to Toronto next month for the interview portion of the application.

"We have interviews all day Saturday," explained Wheeler. "It consists of a couple individual one-on-one interviews. Questions on getting to know who I am, that's what they are focusing on. Seeing what I've done in the leadership roles I have done in the past and getting to know my character. After those there is a panel interview in front a bunch of their judges. So, I'll get peppered with a bunch of their questions there."

The Loran Scholarship isn't just a scholarship based on academics like many are, stated Wheeler. They are looking for people who have integrity and courage to make difficult decisions, the perseverance to work towards long-term goals, the curiosity to better understand the world around them and the drive to make positive change in their communities.

"It's a really good feeling," said Wheeler when asked about his hard work paying off. "I feel honoured to represent our community and school in this way. I think I have a pretty good chance here and I just want to show them who I am."

This scholarship is worth a total value of $100,000, is renewable for up to four years and includes;

- An annual stipend of $10,000
- A matching tuition waiver from one of the twenty-five partner universities
- Personal mentorship from a Canadian leader
- Access to the Scholarships network and up to $10,000 in funding for summer internships in three different sectors
- An orientation expedition through Algonquin Park
- Annual retreats and scholar gatherings

According to Wheeler getting one of these scholarships would allow for him to not have to worry about his financials, and just focus on his studies.

"That would mean the world to me. Like you can tell it's a pretty big honour," said Wheeler. "It would amazing for myself, my family, and I think for our community as well. I'd be able to represent our community as well.