Morden's Multicultural Winterfest took on a different look this year, with the celebration taking place Saturday all around the city.

Chair of the Winterfest Committee Shelly Voth explains.

"In the past, we've had 13 different Winterfests, all with the Access Event Center and this year we tried something new as a pavilion base, where we had five locations downtown with the different countries at different pavilions, and we had our Canadian pavilion down at the lake."

Looking back, Voth was positive about how the day went.

 "We think it went really well. Lots and lots of people came out. Things ran really smoothly. It was a new idea for us, so we were kind of expecting some hiccups and some things to talk about for the future. And we definitely have things to plan and to look back and see what we want to change for next year, but I think that after this weekend we were all really, really happy with how it went."

She shared the goal of the event each year.

"We hope people will have a chance to celebrate their cultures and to show off their cultures. We also hope the larger community has a chance to see what our area has as far as different backgrounds and different traditions and from those to a perspective, that is is the purpose of Winterfest."

She described what she saw throughout the community.

"We saw a lot of really excited people. We saw people that were so excited to show off their culture, and we saw a lot of people that were just so happy to see what we had here in town, as far as different cultures coming together. And lots of great feedback about the weekend."

With eleven committee members and around 100 volunteers, Voth thanked everyone for their contribution to the day.

"This weekend was a lot of work. We had an absolutely fantastic committee, there were 11 hardworking people on this committee. Some people looking after pavilions, some people looking after social media and press, people looking after food and music. There was a group of people that worked really hard to pull this off."