The shoreline continues to grow at Lake Minnewasta in Morden as water levels continue to recede. All pictures and video taken by Nicole Klassen and Zack Driedger.

Municipal members of the Pembina Valley Water Co-op continue to declare Drought States of Emergency as dry conditions, and the question of long-term water availability, remain.

Municipalities are also asking customers to reduce water usage by a minimum of 15 per cent.

In the City of Morden, however, an extreme drought response plan has been implemented with the goal of reducing water usage by 30 per cent. 

Restrictions have been upgraded from moderate to severe in the R.M. of Stanley, and the community is being asked to reduce consumption by 25%. This includes water systems within the R.M. of Stanley including the Blumenfeld-Hochfeld Water Co-op and the Border Valley Water Co-op. 

In the Town of Altona, consumers are being asked to cut usage by 15 per cent. Council has also issued mandatory conservation measures. 

The City of Winkler has implemented restrictions according to Stage 3 of its water conservation plan. 

Stage 3 mandatory restrictions have also been implemented in the R.M. of Grey

Effective August 4, severe drought stage restrictions took effect in the R.M. of Montcalm

Mandatory water restrictions are also in effect in the Town of Morris until further notice. 

Also calling on consumers to reduce water usage are the Town of Carman, R.M. of Dufferin, R.M. of Thompson, R.M. of Roland, Municipality of Rhineland, R.M. of Morris, and Municipality of Emerson-Franklin.