The C.W.B.'s Board of Directors has approved two new programs that encourage value-added processing involving farmers in Western Canada.

The New Generation Co-operative and the "Field To Plate" programs will support farmer investors and small-niche processors.

Jim Thompson, senior marketing manager for domestic and u-s wheat sales, says the programs are in response to feedback received from producers.

He explains how the New Generation Co-operative initiative will give farmers the option of capturing a north American sales price for their wheat or barley.

This means the N.G.C. could access the same price paid for grain by all North American millers, maltsters and pasta manufacturers.

This price may be higher or lower than pooled returns, which are derived from all markets.

Under the field to plate program, a small processor on the prairies who qualifies would purchase up to 500 tonnes of grain directly from farmers.

Processing must occur on the Prairies and the raw grain must be completely altered from its original form.