It's no secret development north of Highway 14 in Winkler is booming. And now, there's a beautiful new park added into the mix. 

Northpoint park is located in a residential area north of Highway 14 and west of 15th street.

"There's a great new park, called the Northpoint Park, and within that park is the new splash pad," says Winkler's Director of Community Services, Jordan Driedger. The splash pad is a joint venture between the City of Winkler and Triple E Canada. "Triple E Canada were great partners in providing that green space and everything around that splash pad. I think it offers a great new feature for not only that neighbourhood, but for the community as a whole. We've had a lot of discussions with different community people about having a free, fully accessible splash pad, so we're happy that has now been provided."

Driedger says the splash pad includes 13 features and a very nice surface. "It's easy to move around, it looks great. There's a washroom building tied in, so you can get changed right at the park. Nearby there's a gazebo, and a play structure, so it's just overall a great green space."

Similar to the one at the aquatic centre, Driedger says the splash pad at Northpoint Park has a re-circulation system within it, which was important to the city for that feature be included.

Driedger notes there is a button to push to start the water, as the splash pad runs on a timer.

Grass has been planted in the area of green space that the gazebo has been built and play structure erected.