Welcome to Made in Manitoba, our weekly thirty-minute focus on those making music here, and sharing it with the world. This weekend we're connecting with Winnipeg singer-songwriter Noah Derksen for another appearance on the program, this time around focusing on his just released album "Sanctity of Silence".

Noah has been on Made in Manitoba a couple times before, and this album continues the young musician's career of storytelling and creating something bigger when all of the individual songs are put together as one. "Sanctity of Silence" is about love found and lost, and each song is a step in the journey of one particular relationship which inspired the entire album.

How do you tell the story of love in nine songs, and what was it like to be so open and vulnerable through this process? Chris Sumner asked those questions, and many more, as we spotlight Noah Derksen on Made in Manitoba. Have a listen, below.