arbor day 2024Certified arborist, Shawn Dias, joined us in studio.

Sunday, June 9 is Arbor Day in Morden. A time to celebrate trees and the beauty they bring to our communities.  

Shawn Dias is a certified arborist. Dias says, in simple terms, he takes care of trees for the City of Morden. He is also the chair of the Manitoba Urban Forest Council, which started in 2019. 

"We represent all aboriculture interests across the province, whether it's municipal or private industry and part of our mandate is education and outreach. As a Manitoban Urban Forest Council, we have promoted Arbor Day events across the province.” 

Dias is proud of the beautiful trees and shrubs that take up a large part of Morden’s landscape.  

“It is a fantastic community for that aspect. [We] have matured trees that we get to take care of, and then we also get to establish new trees and increase the overall canopy in the community. And I think it's very well supported throughout the community.” 

arbor day 2024

On Sunday, there will be a celebration of trees in Morden Park. In addition, there will be fun events for children and adults.

“We will have bucket rides with support from some local businesses [such as] 1-2-Tree Care [who] will be there with their lifts to bring people up into the canopy so they can see the trees from above, which is always a big hit. I believe they have a lift that goes up about 50 to 60 feet, and so you can ascend into the tree canopy safely.” 

Morden Nurseries will be there with a shrub and tree pruning demonstration, Dias will do a tree planting demonstration on how to properly plant, care or, and maintain trees, as well as staking and mulching. There will also be a kid's craft tent supported by the Pembina Arts Council, and Morden City Council will serve free hot dogs. 

"There will also be information booths, which will provide attendees with the opportunity to get free trees as well. It doesn't get better than a free tree and a free hot dog”, laughs Dias. 

Arbor Day takes place from 1-4 pm at the west side of Morden Park this Sunday (June 9). 

arbor day 2024