As the calendar is filling up with Christmas and New Year's parties you may be wondering when you can start leaving your child home alone. 

Some say it's when your child turns 12. 


Linda Burnside with the Manitoba Child Protection branch says there is no defined age where the law says a child may be left alone. 


Generally children under 12 years old are considered to be vulnerable if unsupervised.

 She says you need to consider a number of variables including the maturity of the child. 


Also keep in mind the length of time left alone and how often you will be checking in on them. 


While 12 years of age is a guideline, some children may be mature enough to take on the task at a younger age. 


Now the guidelines for babysitting are a bit different. 


Burnside explains generally children are not considered old enough to be responsible for others until they are 12 years old. 


And most babysitting courses only accept children once they have reached that age.