Imagine having nothing but a light fall jacket to keep warm during the winter. 

Koats for Kids is on a mission to help residents of Morden and Winkler avoid that scenario.

As southern Manitoba braces for winter, the United Way Pembina Valley (UWPV) is putting out a call for donations of winter clothing.

"We accept coats and winter gear for all sizes, all ages," says Anna Wieler, a member of the UWPV board for the past four years. "There's a lot of people new to the area that will need a warm winter coat to get to work too. We like to try and help them out as well. If you've got an extra pair of ski pants or mitts, scarves, boots in decent condition so people can still use them, anything that will help someone else out."

Koats for Kids winter wear collection campaign runs from now till November 8th.

Donations can be new or second hand, given the item is still in good condition.

There are three drop-off points for donations that will help families in need stay warm in the cold months ahead.

"We're very fortunate that both the Winkler and Morden fire halls partner with us. There's a big red bin in front of the Winkler Fire Hall (290 Pembina Ave), and there's a big red bin behind the Morden Fire Hall (194 Thornhill St). We also have a red bin at Central Station on Main Street (Winkler)."    

Clothing for children and adults in need is given away at no charge.   

"Our distribution nights are on November 9th at Central Station at (555 Main Street in Winkler) and 500 Stephen Community Centre (500 Stephen Street in Morden) from 3:00 to 7:00 pm."

With files from Nicole Klassen

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