The Plum Coulee Community Foundation is marking its 20th anniversary in 2023.
Foundation Chair Levi Taylor says it was great to be able to celebrate granting out nearly $25,000 to mark the milestone.

"We supported the Plum Fest on putting on a big entertainment presentation from Six Strings Nation," said Taylor. "An amazing individual who's put together a guitar made out of different pieces of heritage across Canada and he's got hundreds of different stories, a fabulous presentation. And then we were able to donate playground equipment to Plum Coulee for the musical playground.

A total of $2,500 was handed out by Plum Coulee School's Youth in Philanthropy Group (YIP) as well.

Members of the PC Elevator Museum Committee receive a grant of $7646


2023 GRANTS from the Foundation and Plum Coulee School YIP group:

Prairieview Elevator 

$2,294 from the Foundation's Heritage Fund

$5,352 from the Foundation's Maintenance Fund


Plum Coulee Pedestrian Bridge - Total $5,250 

$4,000 from the Foundation - 

$1,250 from the YIP group


PlumFest - Total $5,318
$4,818 from Foundation
$500 from YIP


Prairieview Elevator (again) - Total $1,200

$800 - Foundation

$400 - YIP


Winkler Imagination Library 

$2,000 - Foundation


Plum Coulee Community Gardens - Total $1,100
$1,000 - Foundation
$100 - YIP


Plum Coulee School Parent Advisory Committee (Playground project) - Total $2,250 

$2,000 -  Foundation
$250 - YIP


Centre on Main 

$2,000 - Foundation 

Imagination Library

Meanwhile, in marking its 20th anniversary this year, the Foundation is not only celebrating its success but also looking to continue evolving what it does.

"We're excited to continue to grow the foundation. We're looking at different ways to bring in the community," added Taylor. "We held our annual general meeting today (Thursday), one in part with a soup and pie, which we usually do, and we're looking to kind of expand that and make it more community involved.

Taylor says they do have great support, but they want to change things up to even more people interested in coming out. "And so we're looking at different ways to do that for next year."

The Foundation manages an endowment fund of about $700,000, and the money granted each year is from the interest earned on the principal amount.

Plum Coulee Foundation presents another grant

- Written with files by Reporter Candace Derksen -