The Pop Culture and Collectibles Market is something fairly new to our area. Organizer, Trent Medynski, was very pleased with the turn out this past Saturday (March 23rd), “It was excellent. It was definitely the best market we've done yet.” 

This was the third market of this kind in Morden.

Medynski says although there are many different kinds of markets in our community, this one is unique, stating “There's a lot of other events that don't cater to the same things that I'm doing for this crowd. We're going for nostalgia. We want to help you remember your past, and we want to introduce the past to your kids.” 

For those who don't know, a Pop Culture and Collectibles Market is an event where the old is mixed with the new, “So we have a lot of things that will trigger your memory like vintage toys, old records, vintage clothing, but then we also like to cater to the younger generation, so we have Pokemon, Anime, and whatever we can do to kind of have a different market in this area.” 

Medynski compares this market to a ComicCon type of event. He is looking to cater to kids and families. The majority of the tables were vendors selling things related to pop culture, toys, music, action figures, and diecast cars. They also had things like vintage clothing, posters and some handcrafted items that are specific to pop culture.  

The market was well attended, “We saw everybody from babies, right to senior citizens, and everybody seemed to have a great time. It was just a fantastic turnout. It was the busiest turnout we've ever had, so we're definitely looking forward to doing this again in the fall.” 

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