By: Jennifer Cassils


July 9, 2006

The Morden Youth for Christ has been facing endless challenges with their skate park project.

Executive Director John Rempel says one is with the integrity of the land chosen for the project.

He says any significant amount of moisture creates slough like conditions.

Rempel says they could not have forseen the problem because when they started looking at it we had been experiencing dry weather conditions.

He says in consultation with contractors, they realized they would be redoing the concrete every year.

Meanwhile, Rempel says another factor was the cost of insurance.

He says it would cost $5,000 per person that's at the site which would total about $400,000 dollars annually.

That's not practical as it's triple their annual operating budget.

Rempel adds they are still working at the project with her partners around town to see it come to fruition some day.