The Municipality of Rhineland has successfully snagged some funding through the province's Mitigation and Preparedness Program (MPP).

The Mitigation and Preparedness Program is an optional program to assist municipalities to mitigate against future disasters. An MPP program is only established for disasters that are cost-shareable with Canada and when a DFA program is approved by the Manitoba government.

The Municipality applied to the program last fall, hoping to get some support to raise a section of Road 8 near the northwest corner of Altona where the Buffalo Creek flows. Officials have now heard back, and Reeve Don Wiebe says they've secured about $52,000. The hope is to raise a section of the rural road by about one metre.

"There's a stretch of homes there, about five, and when the water gets really high, like it did a couple of years ago, they get really isolated there. You can hardly get through with a tractor," explained Wiebe. 

"We had set out about a ten-thousand-dollar engineering cost, and we'd sort of pegged it (the overall project) at about ninety thousand," he added. "Now, we've got about fifty-six thousand dollars from the government so maybe we can do this project, particularly if we can use our own equipment."

The engineering report will also include recommendations for new, bigger culverts along that stretch in order to keep the water flowing. 

"Maybe we can fit it in this year. We'll see," said Wiebe.