Reliable cell phone service is now available in the community of Plum Coulee.

"They have cell phone service and it's so great for it to be there," said Don Wiebe, reeve of the Municipality of Rhineland. "It’s certainly a personal convenience, but it's also a safety factor for fire departments and for people and for police services to have cell phone connection. We’re so dependent on it and to have one area left out like it was, was not satisfactory. So we're very pleased that residents and businesses have cell phone service access in Plum Coulee."

After years of passionate lobbying by residents and the municipality, Wiebe says Bell MTS completed the required construction work without any fanfare.

"Bell MTS worked on a plot of land and they got permission to build and all that stuff. They never gave us a detailed timeline. But we saw the construction proceeding. Then all of a sudden without a lot of announcement, it was there! So that was kind of nice."

The much-improved service was made possible by the erection of a 104-metre guyed tower about 700 meters north of Highway 14 and Road 15 West. 

~With files from Candace Derksen~