R.M. of Morris Council is proposing an $18.6 million budget for 2024/25.
$1.9 million of that spending is being set aside for capital projects.

"We're looking at completing Road 2 East with the Cypher product and the hope there is that that road will turn hard, and we will hopefully have a little less maintenance year-over-year," explained Reeve Scott Siemens. "We're also looking at doing some street patching in our villages - all of our villages."

Additionally, the Municipality will be starting a fund for an assisted living project it is part of.

Meantime, Siemens cautions, local taxes will be increasing. 

"We are looking at an average five per cent increase across the R.M. Within the L.U.D. of Rosenort, it'll probably be more than that," he said. "A lot of it is due to upgrades that we've done to our Rosenort lagoon and lift station, and that debenture is coming on stream this year."

With files from Chris Sumner