Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is the focus for Wise Kid-Netic Energy Summer camps happening in Altona August 12-16. 

Summer logistics lead  Amy Skelton spoke on the Eagle Morning Show about Wise Kid-Netic summer camps, "We're a community outreach program. So our objectives are to offer hands-on learning experiences to the youth of Manitoba. We deliver science, technology, engineering and math-based workshops and day camps."

The camp will be run out of the Altona Curling Club and is open to kids aged 9-12 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Skelton walked us through what happens at camp, "Each day of the week is a different theme day. We go into detail about specific aspects of STEM while focusing on the theme. For example, the first theme day is construction and architecture where we'll be doing activities that explore how stem is incorporated into construction and architecture."

After construction and architecture, in the following days the kids will learn about plants and fungi, forensic science, marine biology, and the signs of sound. 

Skelton says it's important that these camps are accessible, "We really want to promote a deeper knowledge of what STEM is and we want to help kids realize that a future in STEM is possible and accessible. We just want to create an environment where learning is supported and exciting for students or campers."

Learn more and sign your kids up here!