R.M. of Morris Reeve Scott Siemens had a number of updates to pass along during this morning's Reeve on the Radio with CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner. Those included officially saying farewell to C.A.O. Larry Driedger who is retiring at the end of December, and welcoming the municipality's new C.A.O.

"I'm happy to announce the R.M. of Morris has hired Wes Unrau to be the new C.A.O., and he will be starting December 1st," shared Siemens for the program. "Larry Driedger's last day of being in the office, he tells me, will be December 22nd, so we will have three weeks of overlap."

Unrau had previously been the C.A.O. for the Municipality of Pembina.

Siemens also talked about two resolutions the R.M. is sponsoring at next week's Association of Manitoba Municipalities AGM, how Rosenort's Prairie Hearth development is almost ready for Phase 2 expansion and much more.

You can listen to the full conversation, below.

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