Thursday on the CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show brought another Reeve on the Radio with R.M. of Morris Reeve Scott Siemens joining Co-Host Chris Sumner over the phone for a chat.

One agenda item was the fact work continues on the stabilization of Road 2E.

"The latest information I have is they still intend to get it completed this Fall," stated Siemens for the program. "I know the locals have expressed some concerns on that, and I understand that, because if I needed that road I would wish for it to be long done as well. That Cypher produce is supposed to firm up the road, and make it hard, and help us with maintenance in the long run."

Construction on Highway 23 in the Lowe Farm area also continues, and Siemens noted the project is a provincial one.

"We are doing our best to ask questions every couple weeks, and stay abreast of where they are at," he explained. "Any updates we have we will do our best to post on our Facebook page and our website."

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